Megane radio Codes - factory preset?

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Megane radio Codes - factory preset?

Post by metrophobe » 13 Nov 2003, 18:00

I need to re-enter the radio code in my 1.4 Megane but can't find any mention of it in the manual.
Any idea what the factory preset code is? Failing that, I'd appreciate any tips as to where this can be found.

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Post by marks132 » 17 Nov 2003, 18:21

I had to put the code on my wife's 1.6e megane and I found it at the front of the service book.I don't think there is a default code,the car just comes with the correct code.Hope this helps

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Post by mg46783 » 19 Nov 2003, 06:24

Hi.. if you give me the radio details I might be able to help ..

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Post by metrophobe » 20 Nov 2003, 01:03

Not much to go on here I'm afraid.
It's the standard factory fitted unit and the only markings on this are "Philips", "RDS" and "Renault" in that order.
I've looked everywhere through the owner's handbook but can find nothing - not even instructions on how to enter the code.
Thanks for your help.

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Post by leonardo » 24 Nov 2003, 18:59

I think I have the same radio. Mine is written in by hand in the radio book. I know that with my old Citroen that a dealer should be able to find out for you presumably if you take your V5 and driving licence as proof of ownership

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Post by rubberheid » 30 Nov 2003, 00:35

Dont know about a factory code but to enter it you need to use the controls on the steering column. sorry cant help any more

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Post by metrophobe » 09 Dec 2003, 00:13

I've managed to find the code and can enter the four digits using the steering column radio controls.
Which button(s) do I need to press once all the code has been entered? Can't find out how to do it!

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Post by JohnMilne » 09 Dec 2003, 16:09

I think its the one under the controll stalk. You need to hold it in until the radio bleeps.