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Craig J
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Laguna A.B.S

Post by Craig J » 30 Nov 2001, 05:36

My 1.9 TDI recently started giving me trouble the Service ((ABS))das warning light has started coming on and off. So as you do I took it to the local garage where I work and they checked it out on the computer and promptley told me it would be £693.25 inc VAT as water had got into the ABS wiring loom and was causing it to earth out I also require 2 rear ABS Sensors @ £163 included in the price. Can any body give me any advice. Can it be repaird has any body else had the same or a similar problem or do I really have to fork out £700 just befor christmas. Any help or advice will be most welcome. <img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

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Post by Tatie74uk » 22 Oct 2003, 17:27

Not sure if your still checking this, my 2002 laguna 1.9 DCI just been in to get a slipping clutch replaced. I was told there was now a warrenty recall on the ABS system as water has been getting into the system... I have also been getting the ABS warning light on the dash !. Hopefully my car is ok, its just gone in today for the clutch !!.... heres hoping !??!.