Espace Towbar

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Espace Towbar

Post by Mambyj » 25 Oct 2003, 20:43

Anyone ever fitted a Towbar to an Espace.Is it a difficult job to fit oneself.

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Post by JohnD » 25 Oct 2003, 21:48

No! I've never fitted a bar to an Espace, but I have fitted one to a Xantia, a BX, plus several previous vehicles. Every time, I've used the bars supplied by Towsure. The kits come with comprehensive fitting instructions, and providing you have, and can handle a set of spanners and a socket set, you shouldn't have any difficulty. Even the electrical connections are reasonably straightforward.

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Post by bigdaddy » 21 Nov 2003, 03:49

fitting a towbar is easy four bolts in total and the holes are already drilled for you,, the eletrics are a little difficult you need to route them into the left hand side (facing the car back end to front end) and connect the wires in the side storage box follow your wiring diagram and all should be fine good luck [:D]