Laguna Buyers guide advice please?

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Laguna Buyers guide advice please?

Post by Mark W » 07 Oct 2003, 18:56

I'm an Xantia owner who resides on the Citroen forum normally. A colleague of mine through our ex company car scheme has the chance to buy a 2000 Year Laguna Sport 2.0 16V 5 door hatch with 53K on the clock for a non negotiable price of £4295. It lists air con ,alloys, sunroof,CD player. It is in cosmic grey which is silver. Based on Parkers price guide it appears to be a bargain, any one care to comment? When he views it Saturday any special Laguna type weaknesses he should look for beyond the normal used car stuff. Being an ex company car the service history is complete etc. The recommended cambelt change mileage would be useful as well.
Thanks in advance
Mark Weston