C1E / C1J engine combinations

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C1E / C1J engine combinations

Post by Riker » 05 Oct 2003, 21:39

I have a NA 1.1 Renault 5 and I want to tune it in NA way, no turbo...
I've heard that the cylinder block is the same like from C1J engines
So, if that's correct, what if I replace my pistons with C1J pistons and sleeves, and leave the rods original? Could that be possible? If yes, what's my gain?
How do I increase RPM on my engine, with new pistons or without them? I've heard that another distributor caps can raise RPM limit...
And the last one - if I do put those pistons in my engine, with double carb (wich one do you recommend?), how much bhp can I expect?