Laguna Rear Screen Problem

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Laguna Rear Screen Problem

Post by HarrysMate » 03 Nov 2001, 21:36

The rear screen heater on my Laguna (1995 RT) is not working. No voltage at connections. Have tried swapping relay - no joy. Power must be available at the relay as the wing mirrors are demisting OK and according to the Haynes manual are fed from the same relay contacts. I would like to check out the wiring but don't know its path through the bodywork. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 03 Nov 2001, 22:18

Start by looking for a broken wire at the point where they leave the body and enter the door, because they have to bend when the door is opened broken conductors at this point are a comon occurence.
Good luck

Iain Park
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Post by Iain Park » 15 Jan 2002, 22:20

When I bought my laguna, also an RT of 1996 (2.2d) I had exactly the same problem. I returned the car to the garage and they set about TRYing to fix the problem, well they did albeit at the exspense of my heated door mirrors. So now I have a working Rear screan but no heated door mirrors. Would appreciate help on how to remidy this if you succeed with your problem.
All the best.