R19 engine swap

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R19 engine swap

Post by jafattz » 14 Sep 2003, 05:56

My 19 ts just blew an engine. the e7j i got toreplace it is single point injection. how can i use my twinchoke carb with this ? there is no provision for a fuel pump on the head as on my old engine. any help would be appreciated Jim

alan s
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Post by alan s » 14 Sep 2003, 07:41

I'm possibly jumping in at the deep end here as I know Citroen but rarely even see a Renault let alone work on one, however I'll make an educated guess that the "ts" is a carby job whilst the E7J is injected.
If this is the case, you're talking a high pressure pump against low pressure.
As a comparison, we had a CX2400 and we replaced the mechanicals with a 2500 Efi which in this (reverse) instance, we had to instal a 120 psi fuel pump as well as return lines & higher rated burst pressure fuel line as the original set up was designed for 3 - 5 psi pump.
If I'm correct in my assumption, then you will need to simply bolt the twin choke carby onto the new engine, and replace the pump with an electric one connected into the ignition circuit. If it requires only a LP pump, it can be mounted anywhere under bonnet although inner guards are a favourite, away from hot exhausts of course.
As I say, that's only a rough guess but may get other comments from someone better aquainted with them.
If you find that a HP is the order of the day, again an electric version can be bought. A cheap option is one made by Bosch. Due to a series of circumstances we couldn't rear mount the HP pump on the CX so we ran a LP at the rear to the Bosch HP under the bonnet & via a swirl pot to prevent fuel surges. It worked for quite a few years on that car.
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Post by CITMAN » 15 Sep 2003, 15:27

I would have thought that the replacement engine has single point injection, i think you remove this and fit the carb in place of the injection unit. The ts is the lower model of the 19 and the e7j is the type of engine. I think this motor is the renault 1.4 energy motor.