Renault Cooling System

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Renault Cooling System

Post by rob » 07 Oct 2001, 16:05

The wife has an Espace V6. Recently it started to overheat and use water. I pressure tested the system and found a few leaks but this didn`t cure the problem. Eventually I found that the pump was knackered so I replaced it ( easy!!!) At first I thought the head gasket had gone but it seems alright The problem I have now is that I seem to be getting water in the sump. It is only a small amount and may be left over from when the engine was overheating and forcing water past the liner seals when the system got overpressurized. I suspect that a liner seal is leaky but I dont want to rebuild the engine. Has anyone had a problem with the liner seals and is there a way to cure small leaks without resorting to a rebuild. Is there any radweld like substance that is effective with the liner seals. I have only stripped one V6 and luckily it was scrap so I didn`t have to put it back together. If anyone can help me with this I`ll be eternally grateful