Laguna cold starting problem

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Max Manners
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Laguna cold starting problem

Post by Max Manners » 24 Jun 2003, 16:08

Hi my Laguna petrol automatic 2L fires on 2 or 3 cylinders, very lumpy when I do a cold start but whne warm is okay, please tell me the solution? Max

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Post by Chell » 16 Jul 2003, 22:37

Hi, This could be due to a number of things. i.e HT leads, faulty spark plugs, or worse case senario head gasket. It might be worth checking if there is excessive pressure in the coolant expansion tank.
Hope this helps!

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Post by bongo » 20 Jul 2003, 01:38

could be the coil pack, sometimes fail when cold but work ok when hot and a common failure

David Goddard
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Post by David Goddard » 20 Jul 2003, 04:49

As the engine is running OK at operating temperature, it could be the engine temperature transmitter. If this is shorted out, the engine thinks it's hot when it's not. The mixture will be too weak for a cold start and will run badly.
Cost about £13. Can be tested easily tested with a meter. On citroens they are Green and have the following characteristics - 4,600 ohms at 0 degC., 2,800 ohms at 20 degC., 150 ohms at 100 degC.
Simple to change.

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Post by gord247 » 26 Jul 2003, 04:39

i would try your cold start sensor should cost you about £18.00 plus vat will take you 10 mins to fit with a 19mm socket