Automatic R19

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Automatic R19

Post by danielsydney » 03 Sep 2001, 08:42

Does anyone know anything about hotting up the Renault 19 automatic? It is the AD4 1721cc engine(1.7). Not too many people in Australia know anything about hotting them up.
Automatic Renault 19 Aussie owner

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Post by James » 03 Sep 2001, 18:26

I would suggest you do a search on the net for tuning centres. I found a really good one once, even though i wasn't looking for it, unfortunately i cannot remember the url or where i found it. It had exhaust pipes for putting in place of catalytic converters to get back 20HP, mod. chips for the ignition system computer to get 10HP extra and so on...
These url's are all i have, try these instead: (may have hints for all renaults) (ALSO MAY HAVE HELP FOR ALL RENAULTS)