1992 Clio 1.2 RN speedo problem

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1992 Clio 1.2 RN speedo problem

Post by impaler » 10 Jun 2003, 22:35

The speedo on my 92 Clio RN 1.2 is severely underreading - it reads around 40mph at 60mph! The needle also wiggles around a lot at lower speeds. Is this likely to be simple (and cheap!) to fix, or is it going to be bad?

bad driver
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Post by bad driver » 27 Jun 2003, 02:05

I had the same prob on my 96 clio rn, problem is with the cable, if it has been replaced at some point it may not have been attached properly, if it is attached correctly it could be frayed inside causing it to stick (new cable will solve) or it might be excessivley dry so just spray wd40 down the end of it from behind the clock. If it needs replacing a garage will charge anything u to £150 (i was quoted) I bought a cable myself and fitted it (cost 35) but it ain't easy to fit as you need to drop the gear box, pull virtually full dash out an the struggle for about another three hours getting it to feed through! If you do it yourself remember to attach a piece of string to the old oe befre pulling it out, then tie it onto the new one and pull through.