megane brake problem

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megane brake problem

Post by raytriplej » 03 Jun 2003, 22:08

I have a small problem that I hope someone can help me with. My Renault Megane needed new front discs and pads which I asked my regular mechanic to change for me. After he did this I had a horrible squealing noise from the front when driving along (not when braking). I have taken it back twice for him to investigate and he has since swapped the pads but I still have the noise. At first it seemed to happen only when the car had been driven for 20min or so. He said that the pads are genuine but I think the discs may not be.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?
Also is it a major job to change the front discs?
Thanks in advance,
Ray Downey

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Post by CITMAN » 04 Jun 2003, 02:49

sounds to me as the front brakes are binding. get your mechanic to check for this and don't be fobbed off like I was with a similar problem I had on my cit zx. DONT MESS ABOUT WITH BRAKES THEY COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE?????????????[:(!][:(!][:(!]

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Post by rubberheid » 30 Nov 2003, 00:46

it could be that cheap discs have been fitted and their warped therefore rubbing of the discs or it could be the pistons on the brake caliper are sticking and not returning properly - unless you know what your doing get an expert to look at them to make sure