Brand new clio blues... cutting out ????

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Brand new clio blues... cutting out ????

Post by radar » 04 May 2003, 01:26

Hi all,
just thought I would pop in here and ask a question about my mates brand new 52 reg 1.2 16v approx 6,500 miles and still keepings cutting out no matter what, tickover, driving at all speeds, junctions etc.. just for no reason, the power dies and then cuts out
he has had this back to his suppling renu dealer 16 (SIXTEEN) times and still the problem is there and has very litle hair left
has anyone else in the forum got any insider knowledge of any problems such as this one
from what I gather its had most of all the electrical bits renewed and is on first name terms with the computer and now has its own car park reserved space...
just how long can this go on, reno UK dont want to know, dont reply to his letters, and just keep suppling him a free rental car till his is back on the road...
maybe he should have kept his trouble free ZX

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Post by radar » 09 May 2003, 02:17

just to follow up.....
he broke down again (17 times now) yesterday after another attempt warranty repair
yet another hire car from dealership
the plot continues..........
no one got any insider info ?????

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Post by radar » 18 May 2003, 00:45

just to follow up
last week he broke down on three different journeys and recovered by the AA once more
Surely Reno UK must get a hefty bill off the AA for all this work ?? am suprised it has not registered on there computers as a terminal wreck ??
enough is enough and next week he is in talks with the suppling dealer to discuss this un- reliabilty

The G Man
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Post by The G Man » 26 Apr 2005, 19:56

Your mate is not alone! I too was foolish to buy one of these faulty cars. I have broke down 6 times and I see I have a long way to go!!!
Can you please tell me how this happy little tale ended!?[:(!]

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 26 Apr 2005, 22:08

A friend of a friend had a new mini that was clearly made at 5pm on a friday. 26(!!!) times it went back to the dealer and eventually it was swapped for a new one! Damm car companies

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB » 27 Apr 2005, 01:25

Sounds like the dealer is relying on the old computer too much. It may be a case of a stepper motor of Map sensor needing replacing. Could be just a broken vacume hose or simalar. Your mate could always try the "I've been to another dealer who tell's me that" and play them off against each other. Remember the warranty doesn't stop you going to a differnet Reno dealer as long as he's approved. Also under the new Block exemption rules you can now take your vehicle to any Reno specialist as long as they have the correct Reno approved machinery and test equippment.