Espace 2.0i Heater Blower Motor

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Espace 2.0i Heater Blower Motor

Post by AChalmers » 05 Aug 2001, 19:08

I have lost all 3 first speeds of the fan and it now only works on full. Do i need to replace the complete blower assembly or can i just change the switch ??

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Post by keith » 14 Aug 2001, 01:54

I don't know for certain, but this usually means the rheostat has failed. This is a typical problem on VW's and about £60 to replace.

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Post by rustytoba » 20 Aug 2001, 22:47

Why no try and remove the plug fitted to he rear of the switch and try to 'Bridge' the conections with a piece of wire. This is a cheap and easy way to diegnose if the heater motor is at fault.
Remember a switch is a lot easier to replace than a heater motor.
Hope I could help

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Post by martyb » 05 Sep 2001, 03:38

Im not sure but on Lagunas and Meganes it usually means that either the switch or the heater resistor is knackered. Check the resistor unit which I think actually plugs into the motor unit.