Clio 1171cc 95' engine whine

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chris waud
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Clio 1171cc 95' engine whine

Post by chris waud » 06 Apr 2003, 04:54

Dear people,
In desperate need of help. My little Clio is making a whining noise from the engine, it sounds like it,s crying.
Here's what’s happening: I start the engine and it makes a constant whine/whirring noise, after 5 mins the noise starts to steadily go quiet over a period of about 2 mins. The noise is there all the time but is almost inaudible when the engine has warmed up. It does go slightly louder with RPM, but very, very slightly (inaudible when driving after 5 mins).
I’ve had my stethoscope all over the engine I don't think it's an ancillary component, I think it's coming from the bottom end. So, is it main bearings? Big end?
It's only done 40k, had an oil + filter change last month. A compression test reveals perfect results and its performance doesn’t seem down. I've only had this car 6 months and the problem has started in the last couple of weeks.
If no one can help, I'm going to do a full bottom-end rebuild (looks like the motorbikes coming out of hibernation early).

Oh, by the way it ain't the box, it does it sitting on the drive-way.
It’s the 1.2 95’ RL.
Chris Waud.

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Post by MAD » 09 Apr 2003, 00:49

you will have to take the accessory belts off first and check for the noise.Doesn't sound like bottom end.Has the cam belt been changed recently,could be to tight [:)]

chris waud
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Post by chris waud » 10 Apr 2003, 01:27

Dear Mad,
Cheers for that mate. I will check out what you said this weekend, probably try out a new cam belt and check out the tensioner.
Some one said (down the pub!!) it could be piston slap as it goes away when warm (after 5 to 10 mins). It makes a constant whine though, I thought piston slap would only happen on the ignition or compression stroke, and therefore not be a constant noise on idle. Crazy logic?.
I will get back to you as soon as I try the cam belt thing.