Renault 19 1.4 RT cam belt help!!!

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Renault 19 1.4 RT cam belt help!!!

Post by brightfish » 01 Mar 2003, 03:57

Hi,Can anyone help. I have a K reg renault 19 1.4 RT. The cam belt has gone. Is it a straight forward job to fix, any tips or advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.

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Post by adsuper » 01 Mar 2003, 17:48

Bad news mate,
There are two options!! Scrap the Car or get a new head because bent valves are 99.9% likely, once you start removing the head and such like u fall into the trap of having to do the head gasket and other stuff, If u feel its worth it go for it but the most common 19 1.4 engine will now have died! Sorry to break it to you!
Andy Darvill

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Post by CITMAN » 01 Mar 2003, 23:42

Ive a was you I would put another cambelt on, correctly timed up and do a compression test to determine if the valves are damaged, you might have got away with it. But im also sorry to say that there is 95% chance that valves are damaged and need replacing and maybe some damage to the valve guides.
If there is low or no compression then you know that the valves have been damaged and the only solution is to take the cylinder head off and inspect the damage. I wouldnt think it would cost the earth if you did the work yourself. But it would be expensive if garage got the job of sorting it out.
If the car is in good condition I would fix her. PLease dont scrap her if the only things thats wrong is a snapped cambelt either through negligence or just a broken cambelt
Regards CITMAN
You do know that there are mileage intervals and time limits for cambelts?

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Post by brightfish » 02 Mar 2003, 15:33

Thanks for the advice [:)]