2.0 RT Laguna Estate 1996 - Whine and Blank

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2.0 RT Laguna Estate 1996 - Whine and Blank

Post by askoulding » 25 Feb 2003, 18:59

I have a couple of queries for you clever people (I work in IT, mechanical capabilities well below average):
1) How on earth do you replace the bulbs behind the heater controls? I've got the stereo out and can see two torx screws in front of me but removing them doesn't loosen the panel
2) I have a whine that increases with speed, most noticable at 40mph, the cars done 76,000 could it be the gear box? It doesn't seem to be coming from the front end. I have had a mechanic look at the wheel bearings, cv joints etc. and they look fine.
Also, if it is of any help, I had a harsh vibration when pulling away and accelerating hard up to around 60mph. I took it to a dealer and the chap said it had a compatible cat installed at some point and it was touching the heat shield (renault cats are not quite a tight) when the sub-frame flexed.
Any help appreciated.

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Post by MAD » 09 Apr 2003, 01:07

you have to remove centre console or slide it back to give you room (after you've unscrewed it and unclipped it) remove radio and plastic tape holder,take out the torx screws and remove the plastic surround.There's two 8mm bolts under heater panel,remove them and you should be able to lower panel.You might have to remove wiring plugs.Bulb is on the top
As you pull away does the steering wander as well?If so most probably gearbox