New Laguna misting up

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New Laguna misting up

Post by tenrub » 20 Jan 2003, 22:37

I have a new Laguna 1.9 dCi Dynamique, which has been misting up all round since new. This is in spite of running the air-conditioning (which the garage says is working) and having fresh air coming in all the time. It doesn't seem right to need the heated rear screen permanently on!! Any ideas anyone??

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Post by AndersDK » 22 Feb 2003, 10:22

Check for water leaks anywhere in the car.
Even cold air (copiuos amount) flowing through the interior should remove normal misting.

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Post by nmcp » 27 Feb 2003, 04:22

Also check cabin air recirculation isn't on. Wet clothes, carpet, seats etc can also cause misting.

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Post by spanner-do » 03 Apr 2003, 18:53

I had a similar problem which was caused by the door lining foam not being securely fixed to the door skin.
If you find that there is water pooling at the door seal after washing the car or after it has been raining, even if the car has not been driven, then it is most likely that you have a similar problem.
The door trim has to be removed to view the lining foam.
If the foam is not securely attached all round its edges, then water can migrate to the interior of the car.
The other cause of this type of problem is normally as a result of side window replacement. The windscreen companies do not take too much care when gaining access to the internal area of the car doors. They most definetly do not repair the door lining material whether it is the clear plastic type or foam type.

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Post by tenrub » 30 Apr 2003, 14:57

No evidence of anything wet inside the car, nor water pooling around door seals. Car came straight from Renault as new (as far as I am aware) and hasn't had any glass replaced by me. As soon as the car is started, the air-con seems to cause the windscreen to mist over. This then has to be cleared by the blowers, which seem to fight a 10 minute battle with the air-con which is causing the problem to start with.
All very strange!