Renault 19 leaking

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Renault 19 leaking

Post by Discotrout » 15 Jan 2003, 23:27

Hi there folks.
Can anyone advise?
My car has been taking in quite a large amount of water over the last few months. All footwells are soggy, especially the rear ones, which have become very puddled! Several pints worth i think!
Now i'm thinking it could be the sunroof, as i get the odd drip coming through.
Only thing is, i can't get to the drainage part of the roof as the mechanism has snapped, so i can't open it....and sadly, suspect this would be an expensive job to replace?
Does anyone have any advice that might assist, if only temporarily?
Many thanks in advance

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Post by sk8boardkid » 10 Nov 2003, 19:00

i had a leak coming from my arial, down to where the interior roof light is. to fix i took off the arial and used silicone to create a better seal, then put hte arial back on.

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Post by grattsim » 13 Mar 2004, 21:36

It seems to be a renault thing, my Laguna leaked all the time from the back door seals, after trying to re-sit the doors, the easiest way was to put a thin strip of rubber underneath the bottom of the main door rubber stopping the water build up. Seems to of worked so far.