Renault espace (k) leaking sunroof

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Renault espace (k) leaking sunroof

Post by Danmar » 31 Dec 2002, 03:52

For some reason from about 2 months ago every time it rains and i drive off i get blessed with a shower, i am not sure if it is the sunroof leaking as this seems to be the only thing near to where the water drips from, also when it has been raining water seems to sit in the rubber on the side where it drips.

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Post by mikegrimmett » 13 Jan 2003, 17:51

My 94 espace did the same thing. I cleaned the rubber sunroof seal with a cloth to get rid of all the s**t that gathers in the seal lip. I then put a SMALL amountof vasoline around the seal- I havent had it leak since!

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Post by BushWacka » 30 Jan 2003, 22:50

All sunroof's let some water in. In Renaults case the excess water goes into a tray and drains out to the side of the car through pipes. And its a common problem for these pipes to get blocked.
Fully open your sunroof and look for the tray which catches the excess water. Check for the common leaf or gunk which may be blocking the pipes, then pour some water into the tray and look for water channeling out the car. If no water is coming out then you have blocked pipes. Maybe use a coat-hanger or a lengh of wire to poke down the pipes and un-block them. Then there should be no need for a second shower in the morning! :D