Safrane tickover hunting

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pete woods
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Safrane tickover hunting

Post by pete woods » 30 Dec 2002, 20:09

My father in law has a 2.2 exec auto with around 123000 miles on it. from time to time the revs hunt between 1500 & 2000 rpm before they settle back to normal. It seems to happen hot or cold & often lasts as long as the car is sitting at traffic lights in drive or neutral. It can happen when driving as the car wont always decelerate when he lifts off & may even accelerate!
Anyone know whats causing it?
By the way Happy New Year everyone.

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Post by jkirkwood » 02 Apr 2003, 15:18

I had a similar prob on my Espace 2000 TXE. Turns out that the connector on the fast idle valve wasn't seated quite fully (Spring clip distorted and crap connector). When I pushed the connector fully home with th engine running, the idle settled to the right speed. Straightened thespring clip and fixed the prob.
Could also be a problem with the fast idle adjust potentiometer - dunno where that is on the Safrane, but on the Espace its in a little pot on the wiring loom, near the ignition control box. With the engine running, give the plastic pot a knock or two and see if that changes anything.