Failed Intermittent Wipers

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andy d
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Failed Intermittent Wipers

Post by andy d » 22 Dec 2002, 23:43

Intermittent and the automatic 4 wipes following screen wash have stopped working on my 2000 1.8 16v Laguna II. First speed wipe and second speed wipe still work and wipers park OK when turned off. Fuses OK so I'm guessing at a failed relay, any ideas how to check this out? Thanks

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Post by auto » 10 Jan 2003, 15:10

faulty wiper switch remove and replace

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Post by srobb » 20 Jan 2003, 19:35

Having just had similar problems with a Clio where the washers wouldn't work at all and the rear wiper packed up as well I would go with the relay option. Initially I replaced the wiper switch (not cheap) and it made no difference, we then checked the relay and actually took it out altogether and that appears to be the problem as the washers and rear screen wiper started working, the intermittent stopped, wipers don't park anymore and the signal that indicates I've left my lights on seems to have stopped. Trouble is its not a standard relay and is rather expensive!

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Post by ivanlucas » 03 Jun 2003, 22:50

Come on Renault - the wipers arnt even fused!!!!
I had a short circuit on my washer circuit and something fused - nothing in either fuse box, checked all the relays...renault told me it was the universal timer controller, but actually it had caused a short circuit in the fusebox itself. The pcb tracks all loooked ok, and the fault has caused the supply to break, and all the driven circuits are now linked to the wipermotors. The circuits which have failed are:
front wipers
rear wipers
front and rear washers
typre pressure indicator (with open door indicator plus seatbelt warning light)
lights for electric window switches
A new fusebox is arond £450 from my local renautl dealer!