Espace - Leaking Steering Rack

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Espace - Leaking Steering Rack

Post by glyn » 20 May 2001, 14:33

I have an Espace which is loosing fluid from the steering rack,is there a cheaper way of fixing the snag than replacing the rack at a rip off price!!! Can a seal be replaced inside the rack? Grateful for any advice that someone may be able to provide as it is difficult here in Cyprus to get information.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 22 May 2001, 00:02

Hi Glyn
Is the hydraulic ram seperate (bolted) to the rack or is it integral, looking at the price it look's like it could be integral, the leak will either be in the ram or the valve, if it's a bolt on ram you may be able to obtain just that part, if the valve is at fault you should be able to replace it alone, is the vehicle high in miles or age if so it may turn out cheaper to replace the entire rack in the long run, I think even if it has replaceable seals they will take some getting hold of, hope you get it sorted.
Regards Dave Burns