Laguna II instrument cluster test

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Laguna II instrument cluster test

Post by Gor » 09 Dec 2002, 05:07

I was trying to change the imperial display of the trip computer to metric (km/h, l/100km, etc.). Following another link from the web I entered the instrument cluster test cycle by holding the trip computer button (on the wiper arm) and pushing in the card. I repeatedly pressed the computer button and the little display showed a series of info of which the petrol level in litres was the only sensible one. (The dials go through a nice looking test.)
I was trying to change to metric and in desperation I pushed the reset button while in this diagnostic mode. This has reset one of the numbers shown to 0.0 and a strange looking text string f---t (or f---h) into ---- . Is this something I should be worried about and go to the dealer?
What is the meaning of these codes/numbers? I have searched the IN and most cars seem to have a lot of info on this except for Renault...