Laguna overheating!

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Iain Park
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Laguna overheating!

Post by Iain Park » 12 May 2001, 15:56

Yesterday, sitting in traffic on the M4 My Laguna 2.2D nearly overheated. Water and coolent wan't the problem, the water pump was changed in September last year after the last one collapsed leaving me with £1500 bill for a broken cam belt and so on. I noticed when I got home that the fan isn't cutting in, so could this or is this a problem with the fan (fuse checked and okay!) or the thermostat?
Help appreciated!

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Post by thew » 15 May 2001, 14:30

Hello. I'm just visiting from the Citroen forum. I must say you Renault and Peugeot fellah's seem to suffer a lot less problems than us, Hmmmmm...
Anyway, overheating problems can be caused by a number of simple things, and don't worry about your fan not cutting in, this is reasonably common on diesels as they tend to run cooler on idle, I think it's due to the big heavy block absorbing more heat. Did the temp guage rise when you were trying this or was it fairly static? If there is a problem with the fan it could be the switch. You can test the fan itself by running a wire from the battery to the +ve connection of the fan and earthing the other one. Make sure these are fairly beefy wires however cos the fan draws a lot of currant and thin ones will get hot.
It could be the thermostat, you can test it by taking it out and putting it in boiling water and seing if it opens. But before you try this, investigate weather there is any air in the coolant system. If you had the water pump work done last September there may be an airlock in there that has not shown up since due to the weather being cold. The system may just need bleeding.
Let me know how you get on to please, I'd be interested to know.

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Post by keith » 18 May 2001, 04:00

You might also want to check the temperature switch usually found at the base of the radiator. This is the one that tells the fan when to turn on, and may not be working in your instance.