Imobiliser problems please help!!!!!!!

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Grant Richardson
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Imobiliser problems please help!!!!!!!

Post by Grant Richardson » 29 Nov 2002, 15:15

I am the owner of a 96 Laguna. I have recently lost my main set of keys, the problem is that my spare set do not turn the imobiliser of ( oper door).
I work in then electronics industry and have tested the key it does work ie there is an output pulse.
There is no way of adjusting the output of the key itself, so i asume that there is a method to realingn the key with the cars sensor, the question is does any body know how to do this. I have scowered the net and as of yet have drawn a blank. I am lothed to pay renault the money (£50). For somthing i know will only take 2 minutes for them to do.
Regards Grant

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Post by ClioP3RT » 29 Nov 2002, 17:34

The only way you can program the key is to have a transponder key coding unit with the relevant software. Only Meganes require access codes so it should be easy to program your key using a third party. Have you tried a local garage who specialise in just this? You should pay no more than £10 because it only takes them 2 seconds to 'blip' your car for the code.