Starting Problem..

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Starting Problem..

Post by Chris » 29 Jan 2001, 17:43

<font face='Verdana'>Hi,
I have a Renault 19 16v (1991) and I have been having some starting problems recently. On turning the ignition key I simply get nothing.... and I mean nothing - not a click, not a brumm, nowt. I have replaced the battery and starter - but I still get it. It dosn't happen all the time just now and again.
Any ideas...
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alan s
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Post by alan s » 29 Jan 2001, 17:52

Check out on the common faults & fixes section on slow or no starting. In the second half there is mention of a starter relay. Although the posting refers to a BX your problem sounds like a typical starter relay failure. Could you please post & advise if this is the case?
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Post by neilminto » 30 Jan 2001, 04:09

I have dealt with similar problems on a late R11 - twice! First time was small wire to starter solenoid - spade connector corroded & loose though didn't look it externally- probably not if you've changed the starter. Second occasion was ignition switch (Valeo) failure - and apparently they're famous for it? Hope this helps!