renault megane P96 rattle in engine

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renault megane P96 rattle in engine

Post by raytriplej » 29 Sep 2002, 05:03

I have a P reg megane with a K7M engine. It seems to rattle between 2500 and 3000 RPM. I have taken it t my local Renault dealer twice and have had two different replies. One said it was injector noise and the other said it was the oil pump chain which, on this model, does not have a chain tensioner.
Has anyone else had a similar problem or heard of this problem?
Thanks in advance,
Ray Downey


Post by n/a » 30 Sep 2002, 05:23

ive never heard of a chain driven cam not haveing a tentioner it would be hydrolic on the side of the engine near the timming chain usualy a large aprox 24mm bolt it would be very difficult to change the chain otherwise i could be wrong though without checking but both symtoms could cause the rattle you could use a long screwdriver place it on the area you think the noise is comming from and put your ear on the other end this will pinpoint the source of the rattle hope this helps