Renault Scenic questions.

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Renault Scenic questions.

Post by tris » 01 Mar 2005, 23:06


My parents have a LHD 2002/3 1.9dci which they own in france. Recently they have returned to visit with a few questions for me about the vehicle.
1. What is the recommended cambelt change interval. Some renault garages say 75,000km and some 120,000km both french and Uk dealers. The car has just covered 75k so my pops is concerned.
2. A couple of thousand miles ago, my dad returned to the car after a meal noticing a complete electrical failure which a garage diagnosed as a duff battery. This seemed strange to me, but a new one was fitted and problem solved. However, since the new battery the central locking locks itself after a few seconds once in the vehicle with the ignition on. Although this is not a real problem, it didnt do it before and wondered if anyone else has experienced such things.
3. Lastly the coolant level. I have heard that my dad has topped up the coolant a few times since owning the car. I remember watching him do it last time and saw it was at midpoint on the level, he topped up to max. Ok, so yesterday he asks me if I have any spare coolant again. So I go check the car myself. Ok so the level is at half way again after about 2k. I recommend that he leaves as is and keeps an eye on it for now. My question is this: Is it normal for the level to rest out at half way or should I worry about coolant loss? I would think the latter is unlikely with such a relativly new car but I'm not ruling it out. I see no signs of fluid loss, I suppose I wouldnt anyway with the amount its losing, if any.

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Post by mark c » 02 Mar 2005, 02:40

answer to question 1;renaults timing belt intervals can be a bit on the extreme side but the belts do seem to last.although i've heard of a few going so to be sure if you couldnt find a cheap way of doing it i would have it changed at 36000miles.
2:does the central locking only do this when moving?removing the battery has probobly reset the R.A.I.D(renault anti intruder device).if you have a central locking switch on the centre console to switch it off put the key in the ignition,hold down the central locking button and turn on the car,hold it until you hear a beep.
3;make sure your checking it both times when its cool as the level will drop as it it and look for leaks.also check if theirs an overflow pipe it may be coming out of their

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Post by tris » 02 Mar 2005, 02:59

thanks for the reply, i will pass the info on. Yes the locking kicks in when the vehicle is moving.
thanks again for your reply.

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Re: Renault Scenic questions.

Post by ferkemall » 17 Jul 2017, 21:12

The anti hijack locks come on when you get into the vehicle and when you reach 6mph they unlock for obvious safety reasons !