Megane - 2 electrical questions.

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Megane - 2 electrical questions.

Post by fixit » 07 Feb 2005, 18:16

If anyone happens to know answers to these in connection with a 1997 Megane 1.4 RT, that'd be awesome.
1) Squealing noise just after engine start. Assumed it was alternator or power steering pump belts needed retensioning, but according to garage they're fine - he suspects a problem with the starter motor. Does this sound plausible, it really sounds like a belt prob to me and I don't want to speculatively fit a new starter motor if that's not it?
2) Left indicator intermittently stops working - flasher unit stops doing anything, left direction arrow appears to be very slightly lit. Can be made to work again by applying right indicator or hazards, and then going back to left, which obviously doesn't do other drivers any favours in terms of working out what the hell I'm up to! Right indicator never fails to work. Is this a known problem?
If anyone has answers, I'd be v grateful!