laguna steering noise

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laguna steering noise

Post by alfonzo » 03 Feb 2005, 20:30

hello, ive got a 97 2.0 laguna. recently it has been making a grinding noise when turning left when the accelerator is pressed down. if i turn left with no gas then there is no noise and if i turn right there no noise also. Think it could be the drive shaft but upon inspection there seems to be no wear or tear. any help would be appreciated. cheers.

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Post by martyhopkirk » 05 Feb 2005, 14:28

Grinding or rumbling under power (gas) usually points to a driveshaft problem. However also have a quick look to see if anyting is fouling the steering rack and/or the condition of the belt on the PS pump.
Personally I would say probably a CV joint - have you tried to see if tehre is any wear when the wheels are not under load (ie jacked up?) You dont have to have a split gaiter to have a toasted CV!