Help with cam belt (Laguna) Please

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Help with cam belt (Laguna) Please

Post by kookysaphire » 01 Feb 2005, 22:00

Can any tell how difficult it is to fit a cam belt.
I have a 1.8 16v N reg Laguna.
I have been quoted £193 but I can buy the cam belt set from gsf for £63.45, so if I can do it myself I would rather keep my money.
Any help and tips would be great.
Thanx [:)]


Post by martyhopkirk » 05 Feb 2005, 14:23

1.8 requires teh removal of one of teh engine mounts and there are NO visble timing marks.
I did one using the split belt method - not to be recommended for the faint of heart.
Remove cover and engine mount, slacken belt very slighly. cut existing belt in half (lenghthways) leaving half a belt on the pulleys. push new belt over gogs to meet old belt - then remove old belt. push on rest of way.
Re tighten. Then listen as your alternator bearing gives up the ghost (well thats what mine did anyway). I would not really recommend it if your not too experirnced. The belts cost £25 and you are loking at about an hour and a halfs garage labour if you use a mecahnic.