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Renualt Laguna

Post by dmcclymont » 13 Jan 2005, 03:21

Considering one of these with a TD Engine, what does everyone think of them overall - and will they run Bio Diesel okay?

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Post by prouty » 13 Jan 2005, 04:39

whats this Bio Diesel do you mean veg oil

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Post by beezer » 13 Jan 2005, 10:52

Bio diesel is refined veg oil. Veg oil is er...veg oil or SVO (straight vegetable oil).

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Post by ebod » 19 Jan 2005, 00:49

I've had a 99 Laguna 1.9dTI since Dec-03 and its now done 153K miles.
Good points :-
Looks ( well I've always preferred them to the rest of the class )
Comfort of seat and driving position.
Good spec ( eg A/C + sunroof , whereas others are A/C 'or' sunroof)
Bad points :-
Very expensive parts
Leaking/water ingress which can affect electrics eg airbag light & looking system.(fixable though)
Build quality average...plenty of creeking hinges and rattle noises
The 'dTI' version is quite unrefined and noisey at speed plus I only get 46mpg which is 5mpg below my previous car (Audi80 TDI). I believe the 'dCI' common rail version is a lot better though, but they are hens-teeth-rare.
I've done 22K miles since Dec-03 and my car cost me £500 for its initial 'investment' , i.e. full service and belt change with a full set ( four )of new cam & aux belt pulleys. Since then its only needed a pair of tyres and I got its aircon fixed ( condenser had perished as its very exposed under front valance ).
In conclusion if I got the choice again, I'd probably have gone for:-
Passat/A4 TDI acknowledging it would be ~2 yrs older though.
406 HDI
Xantia HDI but high spec like SX or exclusive
Maybe Toyota Avensis providing its come from a good home (not a taxi)
Mondeo Mk1 didn't have direct injection so excluded from list.
Vectra : I have a couple of mates with similar aged 2.0 DTI models. They are as patchy on build as the Laguna Mk1. They probably have cheaper parts at GM but the Vectra isn't as comfy and doesn't handle as good.
Hope this helps[:)]