temperature gauge

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temperature gauge

Post by vmaxphil » 16 Dec 2004, 12:46

Hi, new member here, for the last 8 years we have had air cooled engines ( vw campers ) but now we have a Laguna 2.2 turbo diesel estate.
the worrying thing is the temperature gauge which seems to read high as in above half to three quarters high, the top hose was replaced along with sender and thermostat the heater works OK, can anyone give there views or am i paranoid.
(car is a 96 )

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB » 16 Dec 2004, 21:15

DOes it go any further up the guage when driving? or is it pretty constant? The farther-in-law has the same motor and his guage is always about two thirds of the way up.

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Post by vmaxphil » 17 Dec 2004, 11:45

Hi, i have only driven locally since the sender was replaced, but am going further this weekend so will report back then

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Post by jafattz » 18 Dec 2004, 17:59

Hi a lot of these cars are the same .As long as it dosn't overheat its ok. Let it tick over and check the reading when the fan comes on .
Vw and renault seem to read quite high on the gauge but this is normal