replacing Clio heater matrix.

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replacing Clio heater matrix.

Post by benhodge83 » 02 Dec 2004, 17:58

The heater matrix needs replacing on my 1992 clio RT. I cant afford to have it done by a pro, so I'm going to give it a go myself. This may sound like im a bit crazy but im generally very good at things like this.
I am aware I will need to remove the whole dash, My haynes manual says this wont be a problem as long as I make notes on how i take it out so I can put it back succesfully. but my haynes manual does not actual state how to replace the matrix or even where to locate it once my dash is removed.
Does the matrix have annother name? (perhaps that's why I cant find it in Haynes)
Is it fairly obvious to see it when the dash is removed?
once the dash is out, is it fairly straight forward?
Can anyone help?

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Post by moz » 03 Dec 2004, 00:54

hi the matrix is also known as the heater radiator .once you have the dash out take the heater
unit out the matrix is at the back of the unit held in by two screws thats all that holds it in hope this helps moz