bleeding brakes!!!

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bleeding brakes!!!

Post by andscenic » 27 Nov 2004, 05:28

is it okay to pressure bleed abs systems with a gunsons eezee-bleed, i have a 98 scenic and in the haynes manual it says you shouldnt pressure bleed abs systems? is this right?
any help please andy...

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Post by beezer » 27 Nov 2004, 14:35

The Gunson's will be fine. I can only imagine that the Haynes book is referring to the method of building up pressure with the brake pedal before a second person opens the nipple or some other high pressure method.

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Post by arry_b » 27 Nov 2004, 16:18

I had no problems on the wife's old Cavalier SRI with ABS using an eezibleed.
Did it exactly the same as any other car I've used it on.

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB » 27 Nov 2004, 16:46

Am about to do the wifes Megane Convertible, when pushing the caliper piston back just undoe the bleed nipple as the fluid will then flow straight out instead of back in to the system.