Kangoo air bag

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Kangoo air bag

Post by andylal » 25 Nov 2004, 12:43

Does anyone know how easy / not it is to remove a drivers side air bag on a kangoo?. my fathers got one and it appears to be making a annoying vibrating sound from that particular area (horn switch etc), just wondered how easy it would be to remove and clean etc.
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Post by beezer » 26 Nov 2004, 04:01

You have to disconnect the bag battery and the van's negative battery lead and wait for at least five minutes for the capacitors to discharge. The bag is held on by two screws at the back.of the steering wheel. You have to be careful not to subject the bag to any knocks. There is a connector at the back of the unit which has to be disconnected. You refit carefully and make sure the van has no people in it when you reconnect the negative lead and leave the driver's door open. Cleaning, I would say was a no no and I wouldn't be messing with it at all. It is up to you but I would entrust it to a competent mechanic who has experience of such things.