Steamy Safrane...

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Steamy Safrane...

Post by Graham.Goral » 23 Nov 2004, 05:19

OK, this must be an old chestnut, but... 97 Safrane with climate control is steaming up:
- this is an intermittent problem - ok one journey but terrible the next
- absolutely no smell of coolant
- no coolant leaks apparent anywhere, no moist carpets
- had the system re-gassed four months ago (and it was only very slightly under pressure), which seemend to eliminate the problem until the cold weather kicked in and now it's back big-style
Any suggestions?

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Post by PowerLee » 24 Nov 2004, 00:37

Had this problem on a Pug 405, Turned out the flap that stops the outside airflow coming in to the car was lose & blocking the heater intake & keeping the stale air in the car.
Check the pollen filter & your heater air intake.