megane ecu

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megane ecu

Post by camimp » 12 Nov 2004, 19:25

i have a p reg megane - it wouldnt start it is with an auto electrician who trced the fault to the ecu. i have found an ecu from a breaker with matching numbers to mine. can i fit this or do i have to pay dealer price for a new one ?

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Post by barmy76uk » 12 Nov 2004, 19:34

fit it mate,done it on rovers before and its been fine!

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Post by wheeler » 14 Nov 2004, 20:14

i dont have a clue about renaults but just because it works on rovers doesent mean it will work on a renault,a lot of modern ECU's contain some of the cars imobiliser circutry which is coded to the car which means you cant swap ECU's between different cars unless they can be is say though i cant say for sure about renaults,but id get a garuntee from the breaker that it will be compatable first.