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Radio /Sat nav Screen

Post by renagade » 21 Oct 2016, 18:00

Hi Guy's here I go again, Looking at other cars with screen for radio/sat nav do you think that the screen on my 2011 c5 1.6 e-hdi vtr+ nav is able to be updated?? Some thing that looks alive. I have only had the car two weeks so when the newness has worn off I will leave it alone and just drive it. Ho and by the way went to Sainsbury's to get the weekly shop and some |||||||||| has creased the drivers door for me. That was nice of them. I have ordered som small suckers of the bay and hope I can pull it back.
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Re: Radio /Sat nav Screen

Post by GiveMeABreak » 21 Oct 2016, 21:54

Simply - no. It's not just a Display screen, it has a lot of processors inside that work with the Head Unit to provide other functionality. The are several types of display screen - the one you have and the one for the Navidrive 3D and RT6 units. Be careful with these as they are between £700-800 minimum to replace!
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Re: Radio /Sat nav Screen

Post by Richard_C » 21 Oct 2016, 23:52

Agreed, all of this stuff is so integrated these days its probably impossible.

Have you tried to customize the appearance through the menus? You can change the colour scheme - one scheme more or less matches the main instrument panel. And there are map options - 3D, 2D and a couple of variations. And you can choose which types of POI show up. I've just sold mine on after 5 years+ and although the screen is not the most modern it was clear and useable and not at all distracting.
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