iPhone support

This unit is the NG4 system, made by Harman Becker.
Main Features: DVD, Voice Commands, HighRes Display, 3D Mapping, Bluetooth Hands Free, Independent Phone with MDS Module, SD Card, USB, Jukebox.

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iPhone support

Post by Quackers » 14 Aug 2017, 18:28

Can you connect an iPhone to the USB port to play music on this system? Reading the manual i'm not sure its just bad with its terminology , I'm doing something wrong, i need a newer firmware to do it or it just cannot be done.

It says connecting an iPod, and an iPhone with the Music player acts like an iPod on other devices like my home cinema system. They are in the MP3 format in my iTunes library, not m4a . It says just connect it to the USB port in the handbook if in the MP3 format, or to use the AUX port if using the iTunes m4a format. Should it just appear as a source when i press the media button?

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Re: iPhone support

Post by GiveMeABreak » 14 Aug 2017, 19:17

Can't be done - the USB will charge the phone and will play WMA and MP3 files on an actual USB stick directly, but will not play files from an iPhone's music library. You can also use the SD card in the Navidrive 3D to play the same - which is what I do.

You can connect video or audio sources to the AUX socket in the glovebox - and select this as the source. BUT, you will have no control over the music files at all. Which page of the handbook lists the reference to M4a? That's not in any of the Navidrive 3D manuals I have.