205 diesel power steering at low speed

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205 diesel power steering at low speed

Post by goatboy » 19 Oct 2004, 14:16

Hi all,
I have just become a proud owner of a 205 diesel.
Its a 1995 model so has all the extras including power steering.
I have noticed though at low speed and when staionary the power steering is distinctly lumpy. It almost jerks its way round when you turn the wheels rather than being a nice smooth motion as I would expect.
i've heard that this is normal on the 205 diesel but I'm not convinced...
Has anybody else come across this or know what I should check???[?]
The rest of the car is great and I don't want this one little thing to spoil it....

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Post by ianb » 20 Oct 2004, 00:56

Hi Goatboy (I don't want to know how you got that nickname!)
I had a '95 205 turbo diesel and the steering did the same as yours at low speed- especially near the end of each lock, but at running speed it was fine, hope this sets your mind at rest a bit,

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Post by goatboy » 20 Oct 2004, 13:37

Well thats good to know, thanks Ian...
i shall leave the origins of the nickname a mystery to add to the fun!

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Post by kevin » 20 Oct 2004, 17:00

I have a similar problem on my 306, the steering column has a UJ at the bottom of the shaft that sometimes siezes up after damp conditions. There are two types, a long and a short and two ways of correcting this problem, an expensice and a cheap way.
Expensive, replace complete joint
Cheap, apply liberal quantities of copper or lithium based grease every 3 - 4 month's
Good luck
Dr R V Swirl-Chamber

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Post by goatboy » 25 Oct 2004, 13:46

Thanks, I'm going to try and give everything a good greasing this weekend (if the weather holds out!)
I'll let you know how I get on...[8D]

Dave Bamber
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Post by Dave Bamber » 26 Oct 2004, 01:45

Is the drive belt on the pump tight enough?
If the pump is leaking or the cam seal is leaking, this can foul the belt and cause it to slip and make the steering feel strange.
I've had a seizing U/J on a manual 205 recently. A good soaking with oil free improved it, but it would be better to replace the joint in the long term.

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Post by goatboy » 26 Oct 2004, 15:29

I don't think the belt is slipping (it seems plenty tight) and it doesn't seem to be losing any fluid.
I'm hopefully going to give the whole thing a good going over at the weekend and look for anything obvious.
Hope the weather stays nice!![8D]