306 crank shaft pulley

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306 crank shaft pulley

Post by jerorin »

Anybody knows how to remove/install the 306 crank shaft pulley as mine just gave way while driving.Luckily the engine not affected.
Symptoms are grinding noise from engine compartment thought to be power steering problem.
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Post by mazidee »

Pulley problem for XU7 engine 306 1.8/Citroen ZX 1.8 is common. Original pulley come with rubber in the middle believe to reduce vibration. After a while the rubber break and the pulley wobble and makes the serpentine/auxaliary belt to go off the allignment. It will be better to change it to all metal pulley that cost RM160-RM300+. Also best to get the workshop to change it as they have the right tools and this engine come with auto tensioner. Malaysian labour cost is not as expensive as Europe or US.