306 engine dying.

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306 engine dying.

Post by jerorin » 20 Jul 2002, 21:56

Next problem is my 306 1.8M petrol engine will sometimes go dead while driving;that is when the clutch pedal is pressed n the tacho will drop to 500rpm.In a day,it will happen once or twice regardless of weather condition.I have changed the stepper motor and also add the injector cleaner into the fuel tank to no avail.A new fuel filter was also fitted.Anybody....please help.

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306 engine dying.

Post by logos » 20 Aug 2002, 00:57

I have had three Peugot 309 diesels and they all did this intermitantly. It usually happened when I was changing down gears. The engine would just cut out but start again immdeiately with the momentum of the car.
I asked a few mechanics about it and they all seemed baffled. I ignored the problem and it just seemed to go away.<img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle>