Air bag warning light

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Air bag warning light

Post by johngreen » 04 Oct 2004, 04:43

Hi Guys,
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to cure the illumination of the side airbag warning light without goin to a dealer??
Cheers John ( the car is a w reg 406 coupe 2 litre)

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Post by PowerLee » 05 Oct 2004, 00:49

Check the connector plugs under both the front seats.
Orange is for the seatbelt pretensioners, Ive no idea what colour the side airbag plug is?
Make sure you have the radio code & shut the alarm system down then disconnect the battery first & wait 10 minutes.
Unplug the connectors & clean them with WD40 or similar, make sure the metal terminals are a tight fit together & plug them back together.
Reconnect the battery & see if this sorts the light out, if not then it is a trip to a main dealer or a Citroen / Peugeot garage.