Whistling 306 TD

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Whistling 306 TD

Post by pugwash » 14 Jul 2002, 18:03

Okay, the engine has had a whistling/siren like noise on acceleration/revving. I took off the intercooler to find that the rubber gasket between the intercooler and the manifold appears to be too large to fit into the recess. Is this the wrong one fitted or has the seal just become this way?
Also there is a skinny rubber tubing which I found just loose with a broken black nipple on the end under the intercooler. It originates from behind the battery at a sensor of some sort. Any ideas where this has broken from?
I also get the smell of diesel quite frequently and it seems to have been leaking at the back side (inlet manifold side) down to the sump - dont know if this is related to the problems above or not.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 14 Jul 2002, 19:27

Intercooler to manifold gasket has also grown a bit on my ZX.
Not sure about the rubber tube, it could be a vacuum tube for an EGR valve, or to supply a vacuum to a cold start fast idle diaphragm, if it's anything like on the Xantia, can't see it being for fuel but then you do have a fuel leak by the sound's of it.

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Post by pugwash » 15 Jul 2002, 23:35

Cheers Dave. I am still none the wiser where this vacuum tubing goes to. I put the intercooler back with the new gasket but I still get the same whistling sound :(
I tried the Pugs parts dept when I was buying the gasket and the guy there was just hopeless.
Car seems to run fine though and the turbo does kick in - but as I have not driven another example I can not tell if it is lacking.
Car is going in on Thursday (to AA centre) to get the Air-con hopefully working. Will let you know what happens.

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Post by nick » 31 Jul 2002, 05:28

My Xantia TD made a very similar sound when revving and it turned out to be the inlet manifold gasket.
They're plastic on later versions, which can get very brittle with age. The gasket had started to break up on mine, and the remaining pieces were forming a sort of 'reed' which whistled very effectively when the manifold was at a certain pressure !