406 auto diagnostics light coming on

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406 auto diagnostics light coming on

Post by stanley »

My 406 2.1td estate (1998) has recently developed a problem. Whilst driving along, the auto-diagnostics light will come on and the engine will slow right down - the rev's will drop to tick-over point. If I keep my foot in exactly the same position on the throttle, the light will stay on and the car will continue to slow but, once I move my foot on the throttle (either up or down), the light goes out and the engine picks up speed again. Has anyone experienced the same problem or have any idea what might be causing the problem? My local Peugeot dealer told me they couldn't find the fault and it's a problem I'll just have to live with!

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Post by JohnD »

Hi Stanley - I haven't a clue as to what the trouble is, but you've made me nervous because I have the same engine of the same year in a Xantia. I've heard that sometimes a dodgy auto-diagnostic light can be cured by disconnecting the battery for five minutes or so. If you try that be prepared to loose the radio code.