406 Coupe Air Conditioning

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406 Coupe Air Conditioning

Post by dingley-jones » 10 Jul 2002, 21:40

My air conditioning is starting to smell rather badly a smell which our American cousins call 'swamp smell'. Apparently it is caused by a blockage in the condenser drain pipe. Does anyone know where the condenser drian pipe is and if it is under the car how does one get access? The cure for 'swamp smell' is the blow the drain pipe clear.
Any help will be much appreciated.
Godfrey Dingley-Jones

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Post by Dave Bamber » 11 Jul 2002, 01:52

Usual place on Cits and Peugeots is at the rear of the engine compartment underneath. If your car has a sound-proof panel underneath, take it off and have a look. The pipe is usually black plastic about the same diameter as a garden hose.
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