1.9 gti temp concern

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1.9 gti temp concern

Post by timb »

I've just bought a 1.9 gti 205. I've been taking it around all night and i've noticed that the temp gauge is a little on the high side. I'm not sure if its normal or its me being paranoid. it sits just under half way when driven soft. but it goes right up to half way when in traffic or driven hard. It also heats up quite quickly compared to other cars I've had.

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Post by hariaran »

hi timb,
i think temp at 90 deg should be alright. I used to drive a 605 while in UK and temp was normally between 88 - 92. when i brought thenbcar back to Malaysia temp was a constant 100. was running around with that temp for quite a while. lucky engine still works fine. solved the problem here by fitting a larger radiator and dual fans.now highest temp is about 90 but always below that if a/c is on.
hope this helps.