306 over cooling

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306 over cooling

Post by kevin » 01 Sep 2004, 17:03

I have recently changed the main radiator on my 1994 XLdt as it was in poor condition, leading to the engine overheating. Everything fitted OK and the system purged of air and is running perfectly apart from one problem. Overcooling in both the engine and heating. The Thermostat is new and working ok. The coolant is at the engine temperature at both sides of the matrix pipes
Could the heater matrix be clogged at the bottom with debris from the radiator and not allowing the flow of water through it. The air blower and vents are all working correctly, if so I suspect this will lead to the failure of the matrix.

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306 over cooling

Post by arry_b » 07 Sep 2004, 02:13

If you've got hot pipes either side of the heater, then it's getting flow through it. THe heater in your 306 regulates the heat by mixing hot and cold air, rather than regulating the flow through the radiator.
I suspect you've got a cable off between the heater dial, and the air mix flap.
Then again, if the engine *IS* over cooling, then your new 'stat looks a bit dodgy.